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Bat Guano Fertilizer
Bat Guano Fertilizer

check 100% Organic
check Odorless
check Easy to use
check Guaranteed not to burn
check Feeds all indoor & outdoor plants

Overview & Benefits

Bat Guano is known to enrich the soil due to its high phosphorus content. It is excellent for promoting vigorous fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Its benefits go beyond phosphorous as it also promotes beneficial micro-organisms which give plants a supercharged dramatic improvement. Bat Guano serves as a dynamic all natural organic fertilizer which helps revive/revitalize mineral deficient soils. Its lack of odor makes it a suitable fertilizer for both general outdoor and indoor usage. Use it as a soil additive or liquid tea and discover what the Master Gardeners have been using for centuries!

Guaranteed Analysis: 0-10-0

Application Rates:
Gardens and Flower Beds Transplantings
Greenbelt Organics Greenbelt Organics
Containers/House Plants Liquid preparation/Foliar spray
New Plantings Established Plants
Greenbelf Organics Greenbelf Organics
Greenbelt Organics
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